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The purpose of the Delivery Handoff is to ensure that the project teams prepare effectively, knowing what has been sold and what the customer is expecting to have delivered. This is completed through a delivery handoff transition meeting organized by the sales team with the delivery team.



There will normally have been many months of discussions about the scope of the project before Delivery starts.  These need to be summarized to the Delivery team to avoid repeating them – or even worse, changing what was previously agreed.

The delivery handover has similar names at other organizations.   Regardless of name it aims to cover:

  • What are the expected business outcomes
  • What is the expected functional scope
  • What information was gathered during the sales process

This is best achieved by reviewing the Case Type Backlog line by line to understand for MLP the Case types, Interfaces, channels, personas and other functionality already agreed.  This should be supplemented with any background information on current processes available.



The desired outcome is that the delivery team (Partner or Pega Led) is fully briefed and;

  • Knowledgeable about the MLP and full program scope that was documented and identified in the Case Type Backlog
  • Knowledgeable of the customer; the political landscape, the key personnel, and the historical sales interactions.
  • Knowledgeable of the proposed solution, inclusive of the scope, timelines, goals, and objectives
  • Knowledgeable of the sales demos and POC. This is especially key if assets in the POC are intended to be leveraged by the delivery team



A Delivery Handoff meeting should be run as a full day face to face session with everyone that will part of the project team. This should be held ahead of engaging with a customer for the first time. A good Sales to Service transition session should include:

  • Overview of the Customer and Project Objectives
  • Understand what success looks like for the project (benefits/ROI)
  • Understanding of the proposed solution/products (involve Enterprise Architects and Business Solutions)
  • Overview of the proposed sprint/project timeline
  • Walkthrough of project organization chart and resource plan (both customer and Pega/Partner)
  • Understand Co-Production and the Enablement plan
  • Walkthrough of the Project specific Statement of Work or Commercials
  • Line by Line walkthrough of the CTB by the sales team
  • Understand plans for the formal Project Kick Off
  • Share Sprint 0 plans (period before the first sprint starts) so the team hit the ground running (planning and organizing this before the team lands on site is important).
  • Proposed governance structure and reporting requirements
  • Share project specific expenses and working pattern policies
  • Team refresh of anything that isn’t clear ahead of joining on site

Recording this session may help with subsequent new joiners to the project.

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