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The user interface for an application can take into account the environment, the domain knowledge of your users, and the skills, locale, and language of a user. The appearance, branding, and interaction dynamics of your user interface can match the context and language that is natural to your application's users.

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Adding features

After you design your application, you can begin to develop the user interface. Learn about the basics of adding portals, skins, layouts, and controls that add functionality to your application.

Adding a layout in a harness or section
Adding a screen layout
About Controls
Using the Address Map control
Generating a mashup code in case configuration
Adding a swipe action for mobile navigation

Responsive UI

Building for responsiveness on any device is key in user interface design.  Learn more about how Pega helps you create your own modern, responsive UI in your applications.

About the UI Kit
Creating responsive mashups using Pega Web Mashup
Using dynamic layouts to create responsive user interfaces
Rethinking your UIs for Pega 7: Using Floats

Using skins

The Skin rule is designed to enable reuse and cascading change throughout your application Skin.  Use skins to keep your application consistent and drive effiency in UI design.

Associating a skin with the user interface
Creating multiple style formats in the skin
Using mixins in the skin to drive consistency and efficiency  

Application accessibility

Accessibility is a crucial part of designing a user experience. The Pega 7 Platform user interface includes features and capabilities that enable everyone to use the applications you create.

Pega 7 Platform application accessibility

Public JavaScript API

Creating non-auto generated controls requires markup that contains specific attributes to represent events and actions. When these attributes are used, the Pega 7 Platform routes actions and events through the same infrastructure as the auto-generated controls.

Public JavaScript API for control actions

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