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Create a Pega mobile solution that is much more than an enterprise app accessed through a Web browser. Pega Mobility can support the way mobile users work, helping them be just as efficient in the field as they are in the office. Pega Platform lets you bring applications to your mobile users and customers in several ways, depending on your needs, objectives, and experience.

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Pega Mobile Client API

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Build custom, model-driven mobile apps

You can use the Pega Mobile Client service to quickly build custom mobile apps by using Pega Platform. Developing custom mobile apps gives you a native user experience with model-driven web apps on Android or iOS devices.

You can create applications that are packaged into a native container that runs on your mobile device, providing a customized interface on top of the mobile platform's functionality. You use Designer Studio to build custom mobile apps for the Android or iOS device platforms. Apps can work in an offline mode and automatically use device capabilities, such as camera, push notifications or GPS module. You can also extend your custom mobile app with various JavaScript APIs.

Custom mobile apps
Pega Mobile Client API

Develop a native mobile app leveraging Pega Platform

You can use the Pega Mobile SDK product to develop mobile apps that interface with Pega Platform.

The Pega Mobile SDK includes two components, Mashup SDK and Connect SDK that you can both use within the same native mobile app. You can develop mobile apps for the Pega Platform with the Pega Mobile SDK in one of the following ways.

Embed a Pega application in a native app – A custom third-party native app that contains at least one screen in which all or part of a Pega Platform application is embedded in a web view. This is accomplished by using the Mashup SDK capability.

Create a native app with a Pega backend – A custom third-party native app that makes use of the Connect SDK library to access Pega Platform data.


To verify that your custom mobile app works as expected, or when you experience issues, you can use a set of troubleshooting and testing capabilities that enable drilling down to individual properties, and identifying offending functions.

Troubleshoot mobile apps automatically
Troubleshoot Pega Mobile Client
Access offline data and data processing issues
Review system information pages
Review device logs
Troubleshoot iOS apps

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